Expedition LE
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Congratulations on choosing the hottest selling snowmachine on the snow for 2024! The Expedition LE series.

Here’s the deal:

You have until October 31st to pay for or finance you new rig. If you chose the $750 accessory credit as your Spring Order incentive, we have provided a list of our top selling accessories for your model. (We have also provided a link to the Ski-doo Page where you can find hundreds of accessories to outfit your new rig.)

If you chose the Extended warranty, you can still use this form to add accessories to your order.

The hottest sellers always sell out fast so if you don’t want to find your new sled waiting for backorders to arrive. It’s best to choose what you want now!

The sooner your sled is paid for or financed, the sooner it gets on the build list. 

Here’s what you do:

Find the items you want select them on the form. If you go over your accessory credit, we can include any overage in the final invoice and advise you of the balance for financing, cash balance, etc. We will also include the labor to install any accessories you want us to install on your Expedition.

If you have any questions fill them out in the Questions/Comments box and then hit SUBMIT. If you know who your salesperson was, click on their name as well.

If you received a text from us that sent you to this page, that mean your sled is either here or very close.

The sooner we get your list, the sooner we can set aside the accessories you want, and the sooner we can finalize your deal and add it to our build list. If you have any other questions, give us a call at 907-479-2271 Ex 1.

choose your track size to get the correct pricing

Wide Track

Drawbar for hitch

Necessary for mounting either type hitch kit.


Pintal hitch

J hook style for eyebolt type cargo sleds.


Tongue hitch

For traditional flapper style cargo sleds.


Full body Skid Pan

For traditional flapper style cargo sleds.


Wide Ski Skins

Better Floatation in the deep stuff.


Heavy Duty Bumper Kit

Extra protection for hard core use


Lower Bash Plate

Extra protection-for use w HD bumper.


35 Gallon Storage Box

Our biggest box with slots for axe/saw.


Block Heater Kit

Great cold weather upgrade for 4-strokes.


Glove box extension

Extra room for gloves, goggles, etc.


HD Multi Mount Winch Kit

For front mounting winch.


Bumper Adaptor for front winch

Bumper Adaptor for front winch.


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