About compeau's

We have had the pleasure of serving the great residents of Interior Alaska for nearly 75 years.

Compeau's has been in business for over 74 years

Compeau's has had a simple business philosophy since Bob Compeau Sr. opened the doors back in 1945.

If you treat people well, they’ll tell four or five others. But if you treat them badly, they’ll tell hundreds.

 Bob Compeau Sr. understood that, and so do the three generations of Compeau’s that follow him.
After selling thousands of boats and over 10,000 snowmachines since those early days, Compeau’s has earned the reputation of really knowing the products they sell, but more importantly, knowing what it takes to keep their customers satisfied.
Soon after founding the company over 60 years ago, Bob Sr. invented a motor lift
for outboards that enabled hundreds of people to navigate the shallow rivers around the interior of Alaska. This opened up thousands of river miles for those early outdoors-men, and really jump started a whole new wave of boating. Some 20 years later, Bob Jr., who later became company President, designed a prototype jet unit that replaced the regular propdrive. After exhaustive testing, the company teamed up with a California based production company to help develop what has become the modern day outboard jet unit. Today, this propulsion system is how thousands of Alaskans are able to see remote areas of the state that most people don’t even know exist. Snowmachines make up the largest segment of Compeau’s business. The company has been the largest Ski-Doo dealership in the world many years recently. In the early sixties, Bob Compeau Jr. heard about a Canadian company that built a machine that could go on top of fresh, soft, snow. They brought one of these “Huskys” up to Fairbanks and spent some time testing it in the Cleary Summit area. The crew had so much fun on this amazing new device, they ordered a truck load each week as the orders flowed in. By the end of that first year, over 120 of these “radical” new snow-vehicles were sold. And the entire sport of snowmachining in Fairbanks took off from there.

Obviously, a lot has changed in the boat, motor, and snowmachine business since those simple early days of this fast moving industry. However one thing hasn’t changed. And that is the bend-over-backwards, do whatever-it-takes commitment to customer service that’s almost impossible to find anymore. It’s been that way since Bob Compeau Sr. first opened his doors back in October of 1945, and after three generations it’s still that way today.

Craig Compeau


Craig in a 3rd generation Compeau that shares the same passion for the remote Alaskan outdoors as his father Bob Compeau Jr and grandfather Bob Compeau Sr had. As the owner of the business and full time employee since 1978, Craig has worked in every department of the business and has built a great team of managers and employees throughout the business that was started in 1945.

Kyle Malamute

Sales Associate

Born in Galena, Kyle grew up working in and around boats, ATVs and snowmachines. Kyle has earned the respect of many his customers both in town and in the bush due to his thorough explanation of the products he sells and the unmatched follow up he offers to make certain the folks are more than happy with their new purchase. A Yukon 800 boat racer, and Iron Dog snowmobile racer, Kyle’s been around the block in Alaska and has the scars to prove it. From Ft Yukon to Bethel and from Fairbanks to Kaktovik, Kyle gets the job done.

EJ Deal

Service Manager

Some have said the running a powersports service department is the most difficult job in the industry. After all, mechanical equipment can fail or wear out, and hauling it in and waiting for it to be repaired can be stressful.  EJ understands that and works tirelessly to make sure parts are ordered promptly and that the customer is advised on the status of his rig. Whenever possible EJ will try to save the customer money by advising on preventative things they can do to minimize costs, or on how to avoid operating in conditions that can cause unexpected downtime. Having worked as a pre-delivery technician, mechanic, and asst service manager, EJ had the product knowledge and personality to ensure good results.


Bryce Peterson-Wood

Parts Manager

Bryce is a member of the Compeau clan having married into the family. While in many businesses that might be a recipe for a free ride, Bryce understands that it doesn’t work that way on Boat Street. After just a short time overseeing the Parts staff, Bryce has become known for making that extra call and going the extra mile for a customer, even if the part in question is a $3 part. Taking care of each and every customer at the parts counter is job 1 with Bryce, so they can get back on the trail, river or wherever it is they’re trying to get to.