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Okay…so we have found these great videos on YouTube of Can-Am, Ski-Doo and SJX doing what they were made to do, and in some cases a bit beyond that.

Obviously we can't promote any dangerous activities when using these products so here it comes…the disclaimer. Compeau's INC. does not promote the activities in these personal videos. Riders and boaters should always follow strict safety protocols and practices when operating power sports equipment. Do not attempt to use this equipment outside the normal limits as stated by the manufacturer.

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the good stuff

We really like these. What's your favorite?

Can-Am videos

Who Needs A Winch...You Have A Canam...Unreal!!!

This video was provided by Ostacruiser's. Visit his channel for more videos. This is a truly awesome video.



Ski-Doo videos

2013 Ski-Doo Freeride

This is an official video of the Freeride. We are looking for some personal videos to showcase. Got any suggestions?

SJX videos

Kashwitna River Run May 2012

This video was provided by Ken Heaps. Watch as Ken and crew head fourty miles up the river from the Parks highway.