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Introducing a radical breakthrough full duplex wireless headsets that provide hands free, sound cancelling, 2 way voice communication. Great for boats, ATV’s, job sites and more. What makes these really unique is the lack of a battery belt pack as the rechargeable batteries are mounted inside the ear cups. Easily adjustable volume and flip up mic shut off ensure effective voice communications even in high noise environments.

$179 ea includes battery & AC Charger


Extra Batteries: $27
DC Charger: $29
Soft case: $35

Deluxe 2 person package: (2 headsets/2 extra batteries/AC and DC charger/soft case) $476 (List Price)
$429 (Package Price)

Deluxe 4 person package: (4 headsets/4 extra batteries/AC and DC charger/soft case) $888 (List Price)
$839 (Package Price)

Also available for up to 7 people w optional hub kit.

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