2018 ski-doo freeride models

With the new Freeride, you won’t be wondering “Can I?” because with this new sled, almost anything is possible. Now on the REV Gen4 platform, it’s effortless to maneuver in deep snow and in the air. And with four configurations to choose from, you can get its extreme performance matched to how and where you ride.


freeride 137 850 E-Tec

 The most agile Freeride, with 137 in. / 348 cm rMotion rear skid. Venturing off the beaten path is just not enough. To push your limits and do it in style, the agile Freeride – thanks to its REV Gen4 platform and 850 E-TEC engine – is for you.


freeride 146 850 E-Tec

 The new Freeride 146 sled's agility makes it majorly versatile, appealing to those who want to push themselves in a variety of terrains and snow conditions. Available with E-TEC SHOT Starter.


freeride 154 s-38 850 E-Tec

 When pushing yourself and your sled to the limit in deep snow, you might want some extra stability for those landings...this Freeride 154's S-38 front end is the ideal combo of stability and deep snow carving agility.


freeride 154/165 850 E-Tec

 For some riders, carving deep powder is just one part of the experience. The other is pushing themselves and their sleds to the limits. That’s what the Freeride 154/165 is all about. Available with E-TEC SHOT Starter.


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