e-tec shot starter

Introducing SHOT, the most innovative engine starting technology in world

BRP’s mission for Ski-Doo mountain riders is to deliver sleds for riding the most technical areas with less effort. After major breakthroughs with the 4th generation REV platform and Rotax 850 E-TEC engine for 2017, the company debuts another breakthrough for 2018 that will make riding easier: the SHOT starter.  For mountain riders, the simple necessity of starting the engine has real compromises to a day in the deep stuff – and BRP research showed the typical rider starts their sled dozens of times per day. Pull-starting any sled that many times a day takes a toll. So much so that more than half of Ski-Doo Summit buyers have been ordering their Summit sleds with electric start. The downside? Adding nearly 20 pounds (8.69 kg) of weight (more on competitive sleds) – which is counter-intuitive for mountain riding experts.

Enter the SHOT starter.

In what seems almost like technology from science fiction, SHOT provides the ease of push-button starting with virtually no added weight.



Here’s how it works:

  1. Rider pull-starts the sled at the beginning of the day.
  2. The engine magneto acts as a generator and through the ECM charges a lightweight (1.75 lb/800 g)
  3. For subsequent starts within 30 minutes of shutting the engine off, the rider starts the sled by just
    pushing the SHOT button.*
  4. Energy from the ultracapacitor flows through the ECM to the magneto, acting as an electric motor,
    to turn the crankshaft.
  5. E-TEC technology and the upgraded ECM inject and ignite fuel to start the engine.


In one sentence: Pull for the first start of the day – then, SHOT start effortlessly the rest of the day


  • SHOT adds just two pounds (0.9 kg) over a pull starter, compared to nearly 20 pounds (8.6 kg) with
    traditional electric start on a REV Gen4* (more on other sleds).
  • It takes just 2 minutes after the first pull-start of the day to fully-charge the ultracapacitor
  • It takes just 20 seconds to fully charge the capacitor after a SHOT start
  • The Magneto sends 3 phase AC current to the ECM, which then sends DC to the ultra capacitor
  • Ultracapacitor is located on the chaincase coverSHOT requires an absolute crank position
  • SHOT requires an absolute crank position sensor and upgrades to the ECM
  • To start, DC current is released by the ultracapacitor to the ECM and 3 phase AC current is then
    sent to the magneto to start engine rotation
  • Not available to retrofit to 2017 850 E-TEC or any other Rotax engines

* BRP testing demonstrates a SHOT starting success rate of over 95% up to 30 minutes after engine shutdown, assuming a prior minimum charging time of 2 minutes idling on a cold engine, or 20 seconds on a warm engine.

the age of science


The SHOT starting system is so advanced, we enlisted two science and tech gurus to introduce it – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the "Mythbusters" TV show. Watch as they have fun showing the basics of this revolutionary technology!