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Our "X" package features thousands in standard features that the other guys offer as options

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Every SJX jet boat is a head turner. Sleek. Sexy, and Stylish, not boxy and chubby looking.







Standard Features


Mercury V6

Our favorite. 200 ponies of direct injected, fuel stingy, head snapping Mercury V6 power. Hang on! At just 5.5 GPH at cruise, and only 400 lbs total weight (including the jet), our power to weight rocks.

40-gallon-fuel-tank-compeaus40 gallon fuel tank

At up top 40% more capacity standard, you've got up to 7 hrs of running time at cruise. Go fish.

smartcraft-gauge-compeausSmartcraft gauge

All digital- Fuel flow, % of fuel remaining, tachometer, water pressure, water temp, voltage, and best of all a diagnostic tool that is like having a Merc technician in your passenger seat. Sweet!

marine-be-liner-interior-compeausMarine Bed Liner interior

Available in tan, light gray, charcoal, red, or white. Tachy when wet, and quiets the ride. All standard.

exterior-paint-compeausStandard Graphics Wrap

Choose from our list of standard colors and standard graphics. Custom graphics are available at an additional charge.

aluminum-floor-with-drainage-compeausAluminum floor w/ drainage

No wood or plastic here. These tough floors are standard equipment and never rot.

hi-seats-on-storage-boxes-compeausHi Seats on storage boxes

Custom SJX embroydered two tone, high quality seats on storage boxes. Sit your ass down in style!

9-bar-stainless-ez-clean-compeaus9 bar stainless EZ clean

one stomp on the swim deck mounted stomp lever and debris falls out of the intake. Off you go.

stainless-steel-hd-impeller-compeausStainless steel HD impeller

Merc designed one tough impeller, and with our tunnel hull design, you've got to try hard to hurt it.

2-bow-and-stern-recievers-compeaus2" Bow and Stern receivers

What a concept ! Built into the hull to accept our Bull Winchel capstan winch and many other uses.

rear-storage-compartments-compeausRear storage compartments

Insulated and lots of room for tool kits, chainsaws, and all that other stuff you used to trip over.

oversize-alum-bow-hatch-compeausOversize alum bow hatch

Why not? There's a ton of extra room up here. Why not take advantage of it. Includes flush latch

hand-friendly-grab-rails-compeausHand friendly grab rails

Why don't other boat builders think of this?. Guess they've never had to yank a boat off a sandbar

single-lvel-control-compeausSingle lever control

Can't say enough about this baby. Go from close to 50 MPH to a dead stop in just a second or two.


Two bilges standard, a hig output blower, and a High quality marine battery. Got you covered.

cold-weather-draindown-compeausCold weather draindown

It can happen. So we prevent it. Water trapped in the exhaust dish can freeze. No longer an issue

whisper-zone-mufflers-compeausWhisper Zone muffler

We have the quietest Sportjet powered aluminum boats on the water. This is part of the reason.

custom-switch-panel-compeausCustom switch panel

It not only looks great, it's functional. A power point, lit rocker switches, and easy to use.

rigid-mounted-consoles-compeausRigid mounted consoles

We don't just bolt them to the floor. Our consoles are rock solid. No vibration even in the big water

extra-wide-swim-deck-compeausExtra Wide swim deck

Our heavy duty swim deck is great for walking on, and our jet guards protect what propels you

dash-and-side-tray-cup-holders-compeausDash and side tray cup holders

Never spill that....uh... Dr Pepper.

racor-water-separator-filter-compeausRacor water separator filter.

Your first step in H2o defense - This is in addition to the two other engine mounted water filters. (one of which notifies your Smartcraft gauge. We've got you covered.)

engine-fresh-water-flush-kit-compeausEngine fresh water flush kit

Simple, fast and effective. Just hook to you garden hose for flushing after running in saltwater, or great to test run the boat in your driveway. (You should leave it in the trailer!)

stainless-9-bar-jet-clean-out-compeausSTAINLESS 9 BAR JET CLEAN-OUT

custom-hi-thrust-reverse-extenders-compeausCustom hi thrust reverse extenders

Custom reverse thrust extenders: Gets the water where it needs to be.. when it needs to be there. Boat powers itself off the trailer easily, and stops on a dime in the river when that's important. A real safety feature.

oversize-console-glovebox-compeausOversize console glovebox

Ever notice there's no convenient room in your boat for your extra shells, binocs, gloves, cigars and GPS? . We did. Problem solved.

Kick butt Guarantee

Yes, this has always been standard equipment on every SJX boat we sell. If you buy an SJX and shortly thereafter find another boat that is similar in size and HP, and outperforms our SJX…We'll buy it back. That's how confident we are that our boats is simply superior. Hole shot, cornering, top speed,payload, noise level. Just get one in the water and it's game over.(For details on our KICK BUTT guarantee, just ask one of our friendly sales associates)

Build your boat


$44,500 to $49,500** (for the "X package)

FOB Orofino, Idaho (special shipping rates available anywhere in North America and beyond )
(other sizes available 20/24/28) inquire for price and lead time


 Length: 21 feet (Overall 22'6")
 Bottom: 70"
 Beam: 90"
 Sides: 26"
 Bottom: .125
 Weight: 1800 lbs
 Fuel cap: 40 gallons standard
 SOLID WELDED SUB-FLOOR (vs skip welded - our biggest single
 advantage- no matter how the other guys try to spin it!)

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